Bloons TD 6

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DeveloperNinja Kiwi
Release DateJune 14, 2018
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S
ModesSingle-player, Co-op
In-Game CurrencyMonkey Money (earned through gameplay), Monkey Knowledge Points (earned through leveling up), Bloons (earned through gameplay and used for purchasing in-game items)
MicrotransactionsYes (in-game purchases for in-game currency, heroes, and other items; not necessary for gameplay progression)
UpdatesRegular updates with new content, including towers, maps, and game modes
CommunityActive community with forums, social media presence, and player-generated content
Monkeys and HeroesA variety of monkey towers and heroes with unique abilities and upgrade paths
Special ModesVarious challenges and special modes like “Alternate Bloons Rounds” and “Apopalypse Mode”
Gameplay MechanicsStrategic placement of towers to pop waves of bloons before they reach the end of the track; towers can be upgraded for enhanced abilities and power
DifficultyOffers a range of difficulty settings to cater to players of different skill levels
GraphicsColorful and cartoonish graphics with detailed tower and bloon designs
SoundtrackLively and upbeat soundtrack that complements the game’s playful atmosphere
ReceptionGenerally positive reviews from both critics and players for its engaging gameplay, variety of content, and replay value
Accessibility FeaturesIncludes accessibility options such as colorblind mode to cater to a wider audience of players
Cross-Platform PlaySupports cross-platform play on select platforms, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends regardless of their device


Loons TD 6 is a popular tower defense game developed by Ninja Kiwi. It builds upon the success of its predecessors by offering improved graphics, new towers, and challenging gameplay. The game revolves around strategically placing towers to pop waves of colorful balloons (bloons) before they reach the end of the track.

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Gameplay Mechanics

  • Towers and Upgrades: Players can choose from a variety of monkey towers, each with unique abilities and upgrade paths. Upgrades can enhance a tower’s range, power, and special abilities.
  •  Bloons and Waves: The game features different types of balloons, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Waves become progressively more challenging as players advance through the game.

Strategies for Success

  • Early Game Strategies: Focus on building a strong defense with cost-effective towers.
  •  Mid-Game Strategies: Upgrade existing towers and invest in more powerful ones to handle tougher bloons.
  •  Late Game Strategies: Utilize advanced towers and abilities to tackle the most difficult waves.

Challenges and Special Modes

Offers various challenges and special modes, such as “Alternate Bloons Rounds” and “Apocalypse Mode,” which provide unique gameplay experiences and rewards for skilled players.

Monkeys and Heroes

The game features a diverse roster of monkeys and heroes, each with its strengths and abilities. Heroes can be placed on the battlefield to aid in the fight against bloons, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

In-Game Currency and Purchases

Players can earn in-game currency through gameplay or purchase it with real money. This currency can be used to unlock new towers, upgrades, and other in-game items.

Updates and Community

Ninja Kiwi regularly updates with new content, including towers, maps, and game modes, to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The game also has a vibrant community of players who share strategies and tips.


Bloons TD 6 is a captivating tower defense game that offers a blend of strategic depth and engaging gameplay. With its diverse tower options, challenging levels, and active community, it continues to be a favorite among fans of the genre.


What makes Bloons TD 6 different from its predecessors?

Introduces new towers, upgrades, and gameplay mechanics, enhancing the overall experience compared to its predecessors.

Are there microtransactions in Bloons TD 6?

While the game offers in-game purchases, they are not necessary to enjoy the full experience, as players can earn currency through gameplay.

Can I play Bloons TD 6 offline?

Yes, Bloons TD 6 offers both offline and online modes, allowing players to enjoy the game at their convenience.

Are there any multiplayer features in Bloons TD 6?

Yes, Bloons TD 6 includes co-op multiplayer modes where players can team up to tackle challenging maps together.

Is Bloons TD 6 suitable for players of all ages?

Bloons TD 6 is designed to be family-friendly and suitable for players of all ages, offering accessible gameplay with depth for more experienced players.

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